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Moroccan Tiles Quilt – Pattern Correction

If you purchased a PDF or print pattern prior to 5/31/2019 the following correction should be noted:

Page 8, step 5 should read: Repeat step 4 to make the following color combinations to complete one block: You’ll have 16 20 total…..

Then in the chart below step 5, in column on the right, row 1: Make 4 8 total with Template 1…..and just below that in row 2: 4 8 total

3 thoughts on “Moroccan Tiles Quilt – Pattern Correction

  1. I am confused for the connections. In the columns there are 3 sections, is each section changed to 8 instead of 4?

    1. Hi Kelly, I’m so sorry for the confusion. Since you purchased the PDF version, you can download it again and it will be corrected for you (if you’d like). Otherwise, no-it’s only the third and final column that needs to be corrected. The final column states “Make 4 total with Template 1 in Fabric C and Template 2 in Fabric A”. It should read 8, rather than 4. Does that make better sense?

      1. Thank you! It does

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